Chris Hall Hound Creative Agency
Meet Chris Hall
Founder / Creative
... the practical bits come first. You build a box. Then you cover it in mayonnaise, lipstick, or whatever.

Our Founder and Creative Director is an intuitive type who finds conceptions somewhere in the ether and teleports them back to our office. He didn't deliberately choose the creative field- a savvy boss recruited him on traits nearly two decades ago. Before Hound, his experience ranged from tech startups to the outdoor industry.

Staying downtown for a 5:00 cocktail is a rarity. Instead, Fencing, feeding, catching, irrigating, or fixing something is more fitting. Chris's life outside city limits is unapologetically both kinds– country and western. 

Q&A with Chris
How do you balance the need for creativity with practicality in your work?

If your process is solid, that ship rights itself. To me, the order of operations dictates that the practical bits come first. You build a box. Then you cover it in mayonnaise, lipstick, or whatever.

How do you stay current with industry trends and changes and incorporate that knowledge into your work?

I'm not going to answer this question directly. Trends are ephemeral. By chasing them, you end up looping.

It's wise to understand what's relevant, especially with tactics. But by and large, I prefer to operate in a timeless mindset.

What is a common misconception about your industry, and how do you address it?

It goes back to that first question— creativity vs. practicality. The misconception is that we're artists. In our business, effectiveness is what matters most. It's more of a head game than a heart game.

We address it by defining the desired future state, realizing the current state, and bridging the gap.

How do you ensure that client feedback is integrated into your work in a way that respects your expertise and vision while also addressing the client's needs and goals?

This used to be challenging, but after working in this space for a lot of years, it's rarely an issue. Collaborating with clients becomes productive when both our work and the client's feedback are presented in the context of strategy.

What would it be if you changed careers and could choose anything?

Music producer. The way I see it, it's the same work I do now-- Just in a different space.